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Our claim


Our modern machinery consisting of 5-axis machining centers, milling and turning stations, as well as the currently most advanced data transmission system guarantee the highest level of reliability and ensure the quality of our products.

More quality for our customers
  • delivery availability for stock items within 24 hours (in Germany)
  • versatile range of products
  • permanent availability from 8-17 o’clock
  • high flexibility
  • professional and competent advice
  • system and individual solutions
Unser Anspruch

Product development

  • Development and marketing of the long-throw nozzles now established with all manufacturers.

  • Development and introduction of fixed radial cleaning nozzles for streak-free 360° all-round cleaning.

  • The first All Star diamond milling machine for milling out deposits in the sewer is developed.

  • Introduction and marketing of the ceramic nozzle inserts with internally polished flow surfaces specially developed for sewer technology.

  • Development of the high-performance Bagger-Max bottom cleaner with adjustable angle of inclination and individually guided flow channels.

  • The first recycling water capable rotary tools Turbo and Pipe Wolf extend the product range.

  • Development of the large sewer cleaning devices HADES-CAR and EIBOW. User-friendly handling, highest flexibility and highest cleaning performance characterize these unique products.


What we do for the


  • USBDÜSEN GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (formerly ISO 9001:2000) for several years; validity of the current certificate from 12/2013 to 11/2016

  • use of modern machinery

  • less running time = less electrosmog

  • less environmental impact, as production waste is recycled

  • extraction and cleaning systems for welding work

  • energy saving by modern lamp control (see – References – USBDÜSEN)


  • Rainwater recycling – reuse of rainwater for machinery park

  • special paving stones for site drainage – no sealed surfaces, garden/park area planted with trees and shrubs on the factory premises

  • energy saving by returning excess heat to the factory building

  • Design of recyclable products, to save fresh water

  • Oils, greases and lubricants used in USB products are biologically based and do not pollute the environment when released


  • Use of special water guides enables best cleaning results with lower water consumption

  • Protection of the vehicle pump & thus longer service life

  • lower water consumption with best cleaning results

  • lower fuel consumption of the cleaning vehicle

  • use of long hose lengths possible = efficient cleaning

  • time saving due to efficient cleaning

  • member of different associations like DWA, VDRK


Longer lasting and low maintenance


Use of high quality and rust-resistant stainless steels and aluminum.

All materials are resistant to chemical substances, acids, alkalis, mineral substances and all products are corrosion resistant.

Materials are specially selected according to the criteria and requirements of sewage engineering.

Use of Teflon oil, which is biodegradable and acts on a food-safe basis. All greases and lubrications on a biological basis.

Advantages of our development


  • Design of recyclable products, to save fresh water.

  • Oils, greases and lubricants in the USB products are biologically based, which do not pollute the environment if they escape

  • Use of special water guides allows best cleaning results with less water consumption

  • protection of the vehicle pump & thus longer life span

  • lower water consumption with best cleaning results

  • lower diesel consumption of the vehicle

  • use of long hose lengths possible = efficient cleaning

  • Time saving due to efficient cleaning