A user-friendly, innovative nozzle that flushes out debris

Designed for controlled rotation and use with recycled water, the innovative Primus requires no lubrication or replacement of internal parts for at least one year. The nozzle is built from hardened stainless steel. A rotating head removes grease, light scale and roots. And the 3D fluid mechanics in the propulsion unit flush out debris, providing outstanding results.


SKU: primus-1.

technical data

  • 5005
  • G 1/2”
  • 30
  • 80 – 250
  • 60 x 135
  • 1,4
  • 3 x M 6 ASK
  • 1 x M 6 ASK
  • 4 x M 6 ASK


  • Round Pipes, Oval Shaped Pipes
  • 3D Fluid Mechanics
  • Recycled Water Approved
  • Tier 3


Bagger-Max 3D including creamic nozzles and swivel joint nozzle


Cleaning the bottom of large channels with heavy pollution
can also be used in heavily water-bearing sewers.

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