A small nozzle that packs a punch—and navigates tight corners

Don´t be fooled by its small size, the Super 12 gets the job done. The 12 rear propulsion jets are more than any other ½” nozzle in our inventory. And the 15° angle makes this nozzle ideal for use around tight corners.




SKU: super-12.

Technical data

  • 1205
  • G 1/2”
  • 30
  • 40 – 150
  • 30 x 50
  • 0,1
  • 12 x M 4 ISK
  • 1 x M 4 ISK


  • Large Round Pipe. Flat Bottom Pipe. Box Culverts
  • 3D Fluid Mechanics
  • Recycled Water Approved
  • Tier 3


Bagger-Max 3D including creamic nozzles and swivel joint nozzle


Cleaning the bottom of large channels with heavy pollution
can also be used in heavily water-bearing sewers.

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